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Lilith and Adam

The exhibition "Lilith and Adam" presents expressive large paintings artist depicting characters in dramatic compositions.

The man symbolizes the Sephardic- the "Ars" who is controlled by the demonic woman the "Ashkenazi"- described as Lilith.

 Lilith’s story enables the artist to release his personal experiences against the cloth as an allegory to the contemporary Israeli society, the culture which pushed him away from those social circles. However, the revenge of the artist is in his painting, his art expresses protest and it is a metaphor of “vomiting” on society in return, since the artist is the one who controls by the means of his art. 

 The struggle between man and woman, Adam and Lilith, between the Sephardic and the Ashkenazi, between the ruler and ruled, with inner disquiet and in a very authentic way, all these come to express the artist's painting which is a kind of black magic ritual by itself.

This is a kind of ritual urges the artist emerge and set himself on a new voyage in a search of his Israeli native Sephardic roots, whose paintings reflect the quest for his identity and his place as a Sephardic in Israel.

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